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The exciting new way to show someone is Worthy!

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There's no better gift than the promise of a brighter, financially secure tomorrow. Worthy Gift Bonds allow you to tell someone special that they truly deserve something extraordinary. More than just a fleeting gesture, you're investing in their aspirations and dreams.

Gift Bonds have the same characteristics as the bonds you might buy for yourself. In fact, when you buy Gift Bonds, they actually earn interest for you until they are claimed by the recipient--and you get to keep this interest! This isn't just gifting; it's an empowering financial journey that you're inviting someone special to join.

Your guide to Gifting

  1. Sign into Worthy: Make sure you have a fully registered and verified account.

  2. Navigate to Gifts: Click the Menu in the top-left corner of your app and select 'Gifts'

  3. Choose Gift Amount: Choose the number of bonds you would like to give as a gift.

  4. Recipient Details: Input the email of the intended recipient.

    1. Eligibility: Ensure your gift recipient is above 18 and is a US citizen, which includes residents of Puerto Rico. Check out our other eligibility requirements here.

    2. Recipient Status: Whether new or returning, all are welcome at Worthy.

  5. Critical Info: For new Worthy users, it's vital they sign up using the email you've sent the gift bonds to, ensuring they receive your thoughtful gift.

  6. Confirmation: Lastly, review your choices and finalize your purchase.

What happens next?

After your purchase processes (typically within 3-5 days), both you and your recipient will get an email notification about the transaction.

Curious to see what the email looks like that your recipient will receive for their gift? Check them out below!

Claiming Gift Bonds

The gift recipient will need their account to be fully setup to claim their gift bonds. If they are a new user, this means they will need to verify their personal information and connect a bank account. Once a bank account is connected, they will be able to claim their gift bonds and start earning!

If the gift recipient is an existing user, a dashboard notification will signal the arrival of your gift. They can also check their transaction activity to locate their gift bonds.

Things to remember

  • Gift Bonds must be held by the recipient for a minimum of 90 days after they are claimed. Click here to learn more about this holding period.

  • All gift recipients must be 18 years or older and a US citizen (including residents of Puerto Rico) to be eligible for Worthy Bonds.

  • Both you and the recipient will be notified by email about every step in this process:

    • When a gift bond transaction has processed and is ready for claim

    • When a gift bond has been claimed by the gift recipient

Issues and Resolutions:

  • If you made a purchase accidentally or entered the wrong email, you can cancel your transaction just like you would cancel any other bond purchase (as long as it has not finished processing)

  • If your purchase has processed and you made a mistake like entering the wrong email or simply do not want to give a gift anymore, you can Reclaim the gift bonds for yourself

    • This is done in the same way you would cancel the transaction, except now the button will be labelled as 'Reclaim'

      • When Gift Bonds are Reclaimed, they will appear as a regular bond purchase in your transaction history

        • The gift recipient will no longer be able to claim these bonds for themself

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