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How does Worthy make money?
How does Worthy make money?

What's the business model?

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The Worthy Bonds business model generates profits while providing value to our bondholders, who we affectionately refer to as our "Worthies." In essence, the financial mechanism that fuels our operations is the spread or difference between the return we generate from our diversified investments and the 7% APY we pay to our bondholders.

Proceeds from the sale of Worthy Bonds are used to fund loans to growing U.S. businesses, including real estate developers, with an additional portion directed to a variety of investments (such as Treasuries and CDs) to ensure a diversified portfolio that can generate a yield from which to pay back to our Worthies.

The surplus return we achieve, beyond the interest we pay to our bondholders, is what enables us to fund our operations and keep our platform free for our Worthies. Moreover, this business model has a beneficial side effect; it aids the growth of small businesses, enabling them to flourish and contribute positively to the U.S. economy.

In summary, your investment with Worthy not only provides a solid foundation for your financial stability, but it also fosters sustainable growth in real estate and small businesses across the nation. This dual-purpose approach is the cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring a thriving community of Worthies, a prosperous economy, and a thriving Worthy operation.

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