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What are Worthy Property Bonds?
What are Worthy Property Bonds?

Information about our newest bond offering!

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Worthy Property Bonds is the newest Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) qualified offering sold via our platform. Worthy Property Bonds have the same characteristics as other Worthy bonds previously offered on our platform (WPC, WPC II & WCB) in that they are also SEC qualified, are a $10 face value, and pay annual interest that is compounded daily (7% APY). Like the bonds sold in the last open offering (Worthy Community Bonds), this new set of bonds are "on demand", which means there is no maturity date. By not having a maturity date, you may hold your bonds and earn interest for as long as you wish.

Please note, Worthy Property Bond proceeds will be primarily invested in short term, secured real estate loans, and other investments that are professionally managed.

Worthy Property Bonds are not bonds that carry a rating or trade publicly. Rather, they are closer to corporate bonds, as they are obligations of Worthy Property Bonds, Inc.

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