If you received a server error, or were informed to check your bank's security settings, it is likely because your bank has updated their authentication process for connecting with third-party apps such as Worthy. This means that you may need to take some extra steps for allowing your bank to make new connections with Worthy and other financial platforms.

We understand this can be frustrating to deal with, but banks are doing this for security purposes to keep your data and money safe! Please refer to the two solutions to try below.

1. Make sure that you enabled access to the proper accounts and information (i.e. identity data, or account and routing number information) if prompted by your bank during the Instant Verification process on the Worthy website

  • Some banks (such as Wells Fargo) require sharing information for specific accounts when connecting to Worthy

2. If you are confident that you enabled access to the proper information during Instant Verification on Worthy website and are still experiencing problems, log into your bank account on the institution's website and follow any instructions that may appear in regards to granting authentication access to Worthy

  • If you are not prompted by the bank after logging in, navigate to your account's security settings and look to take the extra steps in allowing your bank to make new connections with Worthy and any other platforms you want to connect with

If you are still having issues connecting your bank account after trying the above two options, please contact us via our in-app chat system or at support@worthy.us.

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