The SEC has a limit of 50 million dollars in securities per year, per entity for any issuer selling under Regulation A+ (which is the regulation under which the bonds were qualified in WPC, WPC II & WCB & WCB II etc). So, as limits within these issuing entities are reached no additional bonds can be sold until a 12 month period has passed when more bonds can then be qualified.

Please note since WPC, WPC II, WCB & WCB II were created, the limit sold in Regulation A+ has been raised to 75 million dollars in securities per year, per entity. Once these new parameters have been rolled out by the government we will be able to sell more bonds from these issuers once they requalify their next sets of bonds.

This temporary waiting period applies to WA, TX, ND ,NY ,NV, FL, AZ &NJ.

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