Recurring investments

Is there a feature which will automatically schedule bond purchases for me?

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Our 'Recurring investments' feature is just one of many ways Worthy can help you practice good financial hygiene. By scheduling recurring bond investments, you can tailor your bond purchases to meet your budget needs, with as little as $10 invested weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Ready to start investing?

To use this feature:

  1. Scroll down to the 'Recurring investments' widget or click on the icon with a calendar and egg (if on mobile)

  2. Select your amount of bonds and investment preferences

    1. You may customize your investment frequency, day of the week or month, and number of bonds to be purchased here

    2. Once you've selected your investment amount and frequency, select 'Continue'

  3. Select your recurring investment start-date

    1. You can select the day you want to start your recurring investments

      1. Note: If you select today's date, you will make your first recurring investment at the time of confirmation

    2. Once you’ve selected your start date s and ticked the box agreeing to our terms, click the 'Schedule bond investments' button.

  4. You’re all set! From here, you may toggle the feature on or off for a particular offering and edit your investment preferences.

We will send you a reminder email 48 hours ahead of the scheduled purchase time and date that your investment is coming up. If you are satisfied with this, you don't have to do anything and the investment will happen automatically. If you don't want the transaction to go through, simply login and disable recurring investments before the transaction time and date. You are Worthy!

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