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How many bonds can I buy?
How many bonds can I buy?

Is there a platform limit as to how much I can invest?

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We currently impose a $50,000 (5,000 bonds) limit on investments for accredited investors on our platform, and up to 10% of an individual’s annual income or net worth for non-accredited investors.

This platform's sales limitation is due to having a unique challenge in that the SEC only allows entities to qualify 75 million dollars worth of Regulation A+ securities per rolling 12 month period. Due to this limitation, we want to ensure we keep as many bonds available as possible for our growing client base. It is not only our business model, but also our company mission to give as many customers as possible the opportunity to painlessly grow a nest egg. To that end, our goal is more aligned with helping 1,000 people invest $100 than, for example, encouraging 1 person to invest $100,000 with us.

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