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Why is my transaction still pending?
Why is my transaction still pending?

Is it normal for my transfer to not be processed after several days?

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It takes our payment processor 3-5 business days to totally settle transactions. We know any delay is frustrating but hopefully you feel waiting a few days to earn a return on your money is worth the wait!

Transaction statuses:

  1. Pending:

    1. Transactions generally take 3-5 business days to fully settle. If your transactions shows as "Pending" on your transaction log, this means that the transaction is still in the first leg and has not yet left our system.

  2. Cancelled

    1. You have the option to cancel a pending transaction yourself within the same business day that the transaction was initiated. In your transaction log, you may see "cancel" in orange interactive text to the right of your transaction details; you can click this button to easily cancel a transaction.

      1. If you need to cancel a transaction and this option is not available, please contact Customer Support and we will guide you through other options.

    2. If you see that your transaction has been cancelled and you did not initiate or request this cancellation yourself, please contact Customer Support for details.

  3. Processed:

    1. Transactions generally take 3-5 business days to fully settle; however, if your transactions shows as "Processed" on your transaction log but the funds have not yet arrived in your checking account, this simply means that the funds have cleared our system but may be pending receipt by your bank. Please contact customer support for details on the status of your transaction if your funds have not yet been received after the 5th business day.

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